I have numbered the double wrap bracelets 0 being the original one. The bracelet to the left shows an alternative silver colour clasp but this clasp is possibly more suitable for men.

The two cuffs to the left are the ones in the new shapes we spoke about that I would recommend for you.

30mm cuff and 48mm cuff

A few more bracelets and bangles I added to try different clasps and construction.

Not all would be suitable for you but put them here so you could see more ideas in one place before I add them to the snakeskin jewellery pages

Snakeskin Cuffs Bangles and Bracelets



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Leather Necklaces & Cuff Bracelets

Cuffs, bangles and bracelets here are on hold or sold but the available ones will be organised  soon and added to the  snakeskin jewelery pages

Please Note - Most of the Snakeskin and Exotic Leather Jewellery is only available for sale within the EU

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