Python Snakeskin Belts

35mm Python Snakeskin Belts

Buckles for Belts

Buckles for Belts

Python Snakeskin Belts Straps and Buckles

The top belt strap has the most brown shading and the middle strap has more than the bottom so I think you will probably like the two top straps for your belts. The double metal keepers on the made up belts above are part of the buckle. The buckles on the top belt strap are solid and the buckles on the middle belt strap are hollow. The buckles on the bottom belt strap are a smoother solid dull silver finish. None of these old silver and dull silver buckles have matching keepers so they would have matching snakeskin keepers.

35mm Python Snakeskin Belt Straps

More Buckles

The buckle on the top strap is your original choice but is a one only. The buckle on the left on the second strap is a quality roller buckle and the buckle on the right is the same solid brass covered buckle type as your first choice. If you wanted two buckles the same I have more than one of the new roller buckle as this is one I ordered. The others are individual sample buckles.

Individual Orders for Python Snakeskin Belts

Please Note - The Python Belts are only available for sale within the EU

I have a collection of  Python Belt Straps  available that are ready to finish to your required length.

Also a Collection of  Belt Buckles

See the  Mens  and  Womens Python Belts  and the Two Inch Python Snakeskin Belts

Please check the strap length for your belt against a belt that fits you where you want wear it.

Remember you will need a belt longer than your waist measurement if you are going to wear the belt on your hips!

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Pick Your Python Snakeskin Belt Strap Your Belt Buckle and Have Your Python Snakeskin Belt Made For You

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